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Qi Sensing – a brand new DVD/MP3 product available now …

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Have you ever struggled to find the time necessary for regular tai chi or qigong practice?

Do you have difficulty learning and remembering movement sequences?

Do you believe that a practice like tai chi or qigong could help you to improve your health, deal with stress, handle family relationships better or cope with conflict in the workplace if only you could learn it?

Perhaps you already had a time in your life when you enjoyed the benefits of such a practice but circumstances prevented you from continuing and now you’ve forgotten all that you learned.

Have you ever wished there was a way of knowing what foods you’re allergic to?

Would you like to develop your powers of intuition and be able to “read” other people better?

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These are some of the concerns that I myself have had to tackle since I began practicing tai chi (taiji) and chi kung (qigong) back in 1980. Later as a teacher, I wanted to help my students by passing on what I’d learned from my own practice, but it became increasingly clear to me that learning complex forms and exercises, memorizing tables and charts doesn’t necessarily bring us any closer to the direct experience of qi when it’s needed most, in the midst of our daily life.

In fact, accumulating more and more abstract information about qi and filling our time with exacting routines can have the unwanted effect of closing the door to direct experience, leaving us with a sense of failure and a crisis of faith in an activity that might have transformed our lives.

Nearly three years ago, I began reviewing everything I’ve ever learned about experiencing qi and I realized that some of the greatest benefits I’ve enjoyed were triggered by deceptively simple actions and by simple configurations of attitude and body-use that could be performed in the course of daily life, unnoticeable by others. In fact there were many times in my life when these were the ONLY practices I was able to sustain – when there was not enough time or space for anything else. What’s more, I’m certain that these are the practices that may have saved my life on more than one occasion.

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In 2011, I began the task of recording what I’ve learned in a form that would be easy to take in. Some things needed to be seen to be understood. Other things didn’t, and it occurred to me that those things that could be described in words could also be listened to by someone who is cooking, cleaning, driving a car or performing any of those time-consuming activities that can be made more enjoyable when there’s something interesting to listen to. We’re not talking about guided meditations or anything that could put the listener into a trance. The audio recordings take the form of anecdotes and experiments that point toward a more resourceful way of being in your skin, achieving your goals and enjoying life as a continuous dance of energetic flow and interplay. This is how the Qi Sensing learning resource came into being.

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The DVD video disk containing 18 video lessons and the CD of related MP3 audio tracks are packaged together in an attractive, crushproof metal canister. The MP3s are ready to copy onto your iPod, car audio, cellphone or other portable device, and the content will likely require repeated listening to fully integrate the ideas and practices they contain.

Here are just a few of the subjects covered on the DVD video and MP3 audio resource disks:

Training to establish resourceful mental and physical configurations to deal with life’s problems

Simple ways to practise ‘presence in the now’ with integral physical exercises

How to improve your spinal alignment for strength and better body-use

Simple, easy-to-learn qigong and tai chi movement elements for balanced energy flow and whole-body strength

Strategies for handling confrontation to reduce emotional impact, maintain composure and guide the situation toward resolution

Techniques to prevent others from draining your energy in social interaction

How to “dump the static emotional charge” that remains after a traumatic experience

The key to better breathing for health and reduced nasal and bronchial congestion

Stress-management practices that can be performed invisibly in the midst of challenging situations

Discover your “inner dowsing rod” that you can use to detect the whereabouts of lost objects, discern truth/dishonesty in others, identify your allergens etc.

Learn how to be more rooted, centered and grounded to better “stand on your own two feet” in the face of everything life throws at you.

At just $35 (£22 or €28), the Qi Sensing audio/visual resource pack costs a fraction of the price of a course of lessons that would cover all of this content, with the added advantage that it’s your’s to view and listen to whenever, and as often as, you need to.


Although staff at PayPal had assured me that English speaking readers should always be directed to the English language PayPal page, I’ve learned that this is not always the case. If you find that you are directed to the Polish PayPal site (I live in Poland) and cannot place your order, PLEASE WRITE TO ME DIRECTLY at making sure to leave your choice of shipping eg the $4 or the $11 version together with your return email address, delivery address for your shipment along with any special instructions and I will arrange to have PayPal send you a “payment request email” which should be in English and straightforward to use. My apologies for this PayPal hickup which I’m still waiting to have resolved.

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For multi-item orders or alternative shipping types you can mail me now at with your shipping address details and the number of items you require to reserve them from the first replication run. You will receive an email from PayPal offering a secure payment interface and your package will be shipped within two days of receipt of payment. A guide to shipping costs is printed below:

1 Qi Sensing audio/visual resource pack + $4 basic shipping $39,00 USD

1 Qi Sensing audio/visual resource pack + $11 GlobalExpress $46,00 USD

8 Qi Sensing audio/visual resource packs + $15 GlobalExpress $295,00

Special Bonus for Early Orders: I am offering one free skype consultation for anyone who purchases one of the first 50 copies. STOP PRESS: These are disappearing fast so if you would like a free skype coaching call, no matter how long you need to get around to redeeming it, now’s your last chance. We can discuss a time and date for your call as soon as you’re ready to make use of it.

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