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Lucid Dreaming and Qi

What is the relationship between the Energy known in the East as Qi, Ki, Chi etc. and Lucid Dreaming? This question will form the basis of upcoming videos, articles and online training courses. Subscribe to this blog and/or “Like” my Dream Journeying and Simple Qi Experiments pages on Facebook. You can also subscribe my Youtube channels “Richard Coldman” and “Breath4Health”.

Look out for my upcoming video “Dreaming awake with a map and dice” …

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Good News: Qi Sensing Back in Production

I am pleased to announce that since the demise of my video editing machine, thanks to the kindness and support of some of my viewers/friends, I am now equipped to resume production of videos on the subject of sensing qi, as well as some new exercises/experiments and explorations of energy and the 5 elements.

To learn more about my disk set – Qi Sensing DVD/MP3 resource pack volume 1 – please follow this link….

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: All Qi-Related Video Production Halted …

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for all regular followers of my Qi-related blogs. Yesterday my ageing video editing system sadly, finally passed away. It appears to have “died in its sleep”, so there was no suffering involved.
Consequently, video production of Simple Qigong Exercises, Qi Sensing, Informal Qigong and Five Clasical Elements has come to an abrupt halt.
As small-scale organic bakers for our community here in the mountains of Central Europe, we do not currently have the means to replace this technology.
If you find my work to be of value and would like to help, you can do so by either purchasing my Qi Sensing DVD/MP3 resource pack volume 1 or by making a donation – any amount would be helpful and appreciated.

You can donate via PayPal by clicking this link

If there are any problems, including a PayPal donation page appearing in Polish, please message me via email to, and I do guarantee to increase output of material either way – if not video it will be in the form of instructional articles here on this blog and future ebooks.

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Informal Qigong

I am currently working a brand new one-man-band video production – Informal Qigong – where I will as usual be acting as cameraman, sound recordist, lighting gaffer and sparks, best boy, production runner, musical score composer/performer, editor and coffee-maker, but also in front of the camera as featured long-time practitioner, explainer/demonstrator and credible expert.

This hour-long video will be volume 2 of my Qi Sensing series, but unlike Qi Sensing volume 1 which is only available as a dual-disk DVD/MP3 resource pack, Informal Qigong will be available as a downloadable video file, instantly available with an attractive introductory price-tag. Details of when and where it will be available will be posted here and at the Simple Qigong Exercises page on Facebook, but you can reserve yourself a copy or make further enquiries by writing to me at

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I used to maintain this url – – via the US-based domain name business GoDaddy. There was a period when I was unable to use my Polish payment card online and my subscription lapsed. GoDaddy held on to my domain name and began forwarding my visitors to a very sleazy piece of text – absolutely shameful and designed to embarrass me. I was of course free to buy my domain name back from them for an extortionate fee.

I decided to wait a while. Eventually GoDaddy’s stinginess prevented even them from wasting their precious resources on this low-life blackmail tactic and I’ve now recovered my domain via

If you have been or considered becoming a GoDaddy customer, I’d advise against it. They are not an honorable outfit in my opinion.

The compression on this video is poor, but it’s how things were looking back then. Still, I’m happy to have “a production” on the screen again without fear of leading people into GoDaddy’s hideous ghastliness …

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Intrinsic Nourishing Qigong technique briefly described

Quintessentially brief notes on the Intrinsic Nourishing Qigong

This qigong practice is excellent for convalescence and for those easing themselves back into practice

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Three Simple Qigong Exercises taught by Cheyne Towers

I filmed my friend Cheyne Towers teaching these three simple qigong exercises to promote a course which will soon be available on the internet. Please leave a message in the comments section below with an email address or telephone numberĀ  (full country and area code) where we can contact you. Special bonus available for pe-enrolment enquiries.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Broadcast Yourself.“, posted with vodpod


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